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Video Technique and Equipment

Video technology from Frankfurt Projectors, cameras, display, split and LED walls. We offer professional video technology at reasonable prices. Whether exhibition stands with split walls or sports transmissions with LED wall (Splitwall). From the powerful projector to the compact projector for conferences. With us you will find the right equipment for every event. Book our technology from Frankfurt am Main, with or without service technicians. Our field of application is the entire German-speaking area to Frankfurt.

Continue to video technology projectors and lensesProjektoren
► Projectors and Lenses
We offer projectors from 40,000 ANSI lumens to 2,000 ANSI lumens. On offer we have Barco, Eiki, Panasonic and Sanyo Beamer. For our high-light units, we have the right look for every projection and every spatial situation. From the small presentation projector to the large cinema projector. Frankfurt am Main.
Projection screens front and rear projektionProjection screens Stumpfl, frames with cloth
► Projection screens
Stumpfl screens and projection screens of 2.40 m up to 9.76 metre width different screens with the projection relation 16:9 and 3:4. For stable state we offer S32 and S64 Stumpfl fastfold frame. All screens exist of cloth and frame packs in a pocketcamp Frankfurt am Main.
Continue to video technology LED walls and split wallsSplit wall, LED wall and video wall
► LED Walls and Splitwalls
LED walls and split walls, the right video wall for every event. Whether it is public viewing or exhibition, whether it is a concert or a presentation, whether it is outdoor or indoor. Many other models at split walls, LED walls and video walls Frankfurt, in various sizes, we can offer on request directly from our warehouse Frankfurt am Main.
Displays with touchoverlay and monitorsFurther to displays, split walls and LED walls Frankfurt am Main
► Displays and Splitwalls
LED, LCD and plasma displays up to 103 inch diagonal and touch overlays to the usual sizes. Split walls of various sizes and thicknesses are available from us. We can offer the right displays and split-ups for every occasion. We also have the right accessories in stock. Frankfurt.
To cameras and opticsDome cameras with optics and tripods
► Cameras and Lenses
Cameras, camcorders and dome cams in various qualities and resolutions. The right lens for every situation. From Grass Valley via Panasonic to Sony Cams we have on offer. We can offer the Objtik suitable for you. We also have the right accessories for rental in Frankfurt. Frankfurt am Main.
Further to the controller and accessoriesDirectories for rent Frankfurt dry hire
► Directions
Scaler, Switcher and Mixer. Analog Way, Barco, Folsom, Extron, Kramer and Panasonic. Controller for every control room. We have control panels in different sizes and for different application areas in our offer. Further videotechnology Frankfurt am Main on request.
Continue to notebooks and computers Frankfurt am MainComputer notebooks, laptops and presenter
► Computer
Notebooks and tablets in different sizes, assemblies and brands. All our notebooks are preinstalled with office packages. Powerpoint is installed on all presentation notebooks. The office package is included in the price. You can also choose tablets and wireless presenter mouse. Frankfurt am Main.
further video playback devicesHard disk recorder and compact player
► Player
Player and Recorder, hard disk recorder, hd recorder, dvd player and blueray player. From AJA, Doremi, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, Sanyo and Xoro. Whether digital or analog recording, for everything we have the right player and recorder. Frankfurt am Main.
Continue to video equipment from Frankfurt am MainMedia technology servers, routers and extenders
► Technique
DVI PRO router, matrix router, DVI crossbar, video routing switcher, DVB-T receiver, fiber optic cable, wireless video link systems, prompter, digital satellite system, VGA splitter, VGA amplifier. Everything that is needed in video technology as components. Video technology Frankfurt am Main.
Further accessories for videotechnologyVideo equipment accessories for various cables and adapters and projector stands
► Accessories
Project feet in different heights and video cables and adapters in different versions. VGA, DVI, HDMI, Scart, S-video, BNC cables and other designs. Various adapters in different designs.
Complete packages displays, projector and playerDisplays, stands and projector complete
► Complete Packages
Presentations on displays or screens. Whether for conferences, film screenings or commercials. Other projectors and displays are available in the video technology category.
All prices are quoted as rental rates per day of use. The second day of employment is calculated with 75%, the third day of employment and all further employment days are calculated with 50%. Our Terms and Conditions.
Videotechnique from Frankfurt am Main
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