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  • Astera spotlights for rent and sale
  • Safety on events
  • Astera battery led spotlights dealer
  • Astera professional battery led spotlights rental
  • Department store opening lighting
  • Colored illumination from a castle
  • Stage, lichting, video and sound offers
  • Our company headquarters in frankfurt griesheim
  • Event equipment concert sound and light
  • Deco lighting and projection sales event
  • Fairstand 3d animation trussing, displays and spotlights
  • Gallery pictures companyevents video technique
  • Dinner with culture program lighting and sound
  • Christmas party decolight and concert
  • Party lighting and dj equipment
  • Movie museum Decolighting and carpet
  • Building illumination industry event
  • Splitwall aund led Wall Advertising space
  • Presntation equipment and meeting accessories
  • Fairstand trussing, empores and lighting
  • Projection and conference facilities
  • Concert equipment and live equipment
  • Power supply at events
  • Transfers over the internet and corporate networks
  • Stages outdoor with sound and light
  • Video, light and sound technique
Company  ► Gallery

Department store openingOpening department store Frankfurt
Movie PremierePicture of the movie premiere
Feature film premiereCinema film performance
IAA fairstand video equipmentPicture of the IAA fairstand
Fairstand ArtePicture bookstore book fair
Galadinner event equipmentPicture gala dinner
Christmas concertPicture classic concert
Illumination and decolightPicture illumination
Open air ConcertsPicture open air
Measuring stand trussing riggPicture fairstand trussing
Conference hotelPicture conference equipment
Technology companies eventPicture company event
Dinner light decorationPicture atmosphere evening dinner
PKW presentationPicture product presentation
Street festival with round arch stageStreet festival with stage roof
Employee training event engineeringPicture of employee training
Operation celebration event equipmentPicture in-house celebrations
Speaker lecturePicture formal presentation
Live music on outdoor stageConcert event
Building colored illuminationPicture building illumination
Event equipment company eventPicture liveconcert
Topping technology equipmentImage proof with technology
Award ceremony FrankfurtPicture event award
Store opening FrankfurtPicture shop opening lighting
Film screening video technologyPicture film screening
Sports event equipmentImage sports event technology
Employees fixed light and traverse constructionPicture of staff celebration
Kinopremiere light and traversePhoto cinema presentation Sulzbach
Lighting, video and soundBild shop Präsentation
3D view of fairstand3d picture fair trussing and lighting
Lighting museum FrankfurtEvent equipment film museum
Outdoor led wallOutdoor led wall public viewing
Office building lightingEquipment lighting technology and video technology
Lighting equipment and soundPicture exterior view restaurant illumination
Private celebration equipment sound, light and videoPartydinner with lectern
Splitwall faistand fair FrankfurtVideo and fair equipment
Measuring stand lighting and traverseRigging, engines and spotlights
Rechargeable battery spotlightTheater lighting equipment
Image transfer on canvasVideo capture and recording
Astera AX10 and AX7 spotlightsSpotlight wireless Astera rechargeable headlights
Animations and Drafts
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Fritz-Klatte-Straße 6 - 65933 Frankfurt am Main - Tel. +49 69 789 59 71 - Fax +49 69 788 034 84 - Mail
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 h to 17.00 h - Warehouse Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 h to 16.30 h
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